Black Mamba Incense Review

by admin on June 23, 2011

Black Mamba Incense Review

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Although the package looks inviting, Black mamba incense is nothing to be taken lightly.  This is one of the strongest herbal incenses currently being made, and can knock even a veteran smoker onto his/her ass.  Its effects are very similar to K2 incense, which used to contain JWH-018.  However, the effects seem to be 5x that of Spice!  I repeat:

Black mamba incense is not for amateur smokers!!

Now, with that out of the way, on to the rest of the review.  It’s ingredients are not like that of its competitors, such as Spice, K2 or Funky Munky.  Most of these have a smell that is not too pleasant, but Black Mamba Incense smells like tea.  It also doesn’t have the normal random assortment of chopped leaves for a base.  This pastel green stuff is covered in white ‘hair’.. almost looks like dank marijuana shake.

The first time this black mamba incense is smoked it can be overwhelming.  Its effects feel as if you have smoked a shitload of K2 herb.  really REALLY baked.

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Black mamba Incense Texture: Very soft, this stuff is very easy to roll but some may have problems with
the product flexing out when being packed into a bowl. There is a powdery residue on the herbs, looks like a thin amount of cocaine but don’t worry its not, Post burn, this stuff get’s sticky. Let me reiterate that for you all, this shit is STICKY ICKY ICKY like perfectly grown dro.

High: The high on black mamba incense reminded me of my first time i was every high, and that my friends is how awesome it was. A good 2 hours of awesome with no hangover or grogginess.

Conclusion: You all have to try Black mamba Incense at least once. I believe this is a good bud replacement and a fantastic one at that.

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