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by admin on June 24, 2011

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Well, after a lot of bulletin spam from one of my local head shops I decided to do some research on my own and reviewed Black Mamba Incense. I was thoroughly impressed with the information I found.

What is Black Mamba Incense?

Black mamba incense is a powerfully aromatic incense blend that can uplift and elevate your senses with its soothing mellow aroma. Black mamba incense consists of a variety of different botanicals, plant material, and proprietary ingredients. You will find subtle undertones of vanilla, rose, bay bean, sage with the blend carrying varying degrees of earthiness. We pride ourselves with producing a high quality incense that is superb to the senses. Black mamba incense can help create a calm, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that can help soothe both the body and mind through its aromatherapeutic properties. black mamba is also a perfect companion during meditation sessions as it consistent in delivering a relaxed setting quick and easy. Delivering a rich and luscious scent, our Black mamba incense produces a heavenly aroma that is not overpowering and is simply delightful.

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Where can I buy Black mamba incense online and how much does it cost?

Black mamba incense can be purchased right here through our online store with secure credit card processing or from many of the brick and mortar stores which are currently carrying our product. Black mamba incense sells anywhere from 10 – 30 dollars per gram depending on the quality, quantity, and the legitimacy. Remember we are the Official Black Mamba Incense and K2 Incense distributor and many of the products you will find online or in other stores are fake and of extremely low quality. Our real Black mamba Incense carries a superior aroma unmatched by any competitors with prices that make it much more convenient to buy black mamba incense online with low cost direct home shipping. All orders placed online are processed through our secure checkout method, with no sales tax and discreet delivery to your door. We carry a lowest price guarantee on all orders with a customer service staff ready to answer any questions! If you are looking for the newest K2 Herbal Blend flavors than you should also check out our NEW sections store which is packed full of the newest K2 Incense and Spice flavors . K2 Plutonium, Black Mamba and K2 Summit are the customer favorite varieties and are simply amazing.

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How can Black Mamba Incense assist me in meditation?

Our Black Mamba Incense can help promote, through aromatherapy, an atmosphere that indulges the senses in comfort and relaxation. Black Mamba Smoke delivers a wonderful scent that we believe can help support the meditation process. Meditation is an ancient art that can envelope your mind and body into a relaxed and mellow state.

My Final Conclusion: You really should buy the various blends of each of the k2 Spice blends at least once to do your own personal review. I believe this is a really good meditative aid when used properly. My recommendation on the Incense blends are K2 Summit, Black mamba Incense and K2 Plutonium.


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